Saturday, August 16, 2014

DeGamer Pro UPDATE v1.2 - Earn More Points!

In light of the news that Ultimate Game Card codes will be discontinued, I've had to make some changes to DeGamer Pro. As you may know, the grand prize for getting all 6 gold stars in the Star Struck Stellarium mini-game has been a $5 UGC code since the software was first published. Now that UGC is going out of business, the grand prize has been changed to a $5 Rixty code. You still get the same value, just a different code.

If you're not yet familiar with DeGamer Pro, be sure to read the FAQs before downloading the software.

Download DeGamer Pro v1.2 (no survey)

Here's a list of the changes that were made in this v1.2:

  • Star Struck Stellarium grand prize changed to $5 Rixty code.
  • Grand prize chance increased to 2%.
  • Increased point rewards (doubled) for getting all 6 gold and silver stars.

Major updates are planned for future versions. More details will be revealed on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to follow me on those social media to stay updated.

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