Thursday, May 3, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel Suggestions

With my growing list of suggestions for EpicDuel, I feel it's appropriate to organize them here on the blog. This will also help me access them more easily for editions. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Changes I "Would" Make To EpicDuel If I Could
Special Skills (View Forum Post)
  • Dodge - Avoid enemy projectiles (i.e. Fireball, Plasma Bolt), but not melee.
  • Loot - When defeated, steal a percentage of enemy Credit rewards.
  • Anti-EMP - When attacked by EMP/AtmSmh, enemy takes 50% of the damage.
  • Double Trouble - Create a clone with 0 Def/Res to absorb all damage 2 turns.
Consumable Items / Tactical Equipment (View Forum Post) NEW!
  • Anti-Core Grenade - Disables a random unused active core of target.
  • Anti-EMP Grenade - Disables target's EMP/Assim/Atom for 3 turns. Minor dmg.
  • Bio Orchid Booster -  Increases potency of all equipped bio gear by 10-30%.
  • FML Nuke - Call in a nuclear strike to deal 100 damage to all players in battle.
  • Hologram Shield - Cast a hologram clone ahead to absorb all CP attacks 3 turns
  • Medic Misery - Force the target to heal using Field Medic.
  • One Man Army - Disable user skills and % chances for 3 turns, gain double dmg.
  • Rage Motivator - Force target to Rage with a Strike if meter is more than 50%.
  • Rage Suppressor - Disable target's Rage meter for 2 turns.
  • Robot Destabilizer - Put enemy robot into cooldown.
  • Robot Malfunction - Cause target robot to malfunction and damage backfired.
Item/Weapon Suggestions (View Forum Post) (New Forum Post)
Functionality Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Battle Feature Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Feature/Interface Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Juggernaut Battle Mode Suggestions (View Forum Post)

AE General Questions and Discussions

I will continue to add new items to this list as I submit more suggestions.


  1. Don't want to be a bit harsh here, but they all need more detail. As for the Death Leaf, the sword is gonna be that short?

  2. I appreciate honest feedback more than anything, so thank you. More details will be added to future designs. The Death Leaf doesn't have to be that short, it's up to the staff to decide on the final concept should it be chosen.


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