Thursday, April 4, 2013

Drekon's Big Announcement (Good & Ehh)

As some of you have already realized, I've been announced as one of EpicDuel's new Testers in the most recent Design Notes! *pops champagne bottle* Too soon? Okay. (-.-) Like you, my dear fans and friends, I'm excited for getting the opportunity to help the game progress in ways that I previously could not. Although I didn't land the Moderator position as initially intended, I look forward to doing the best I can as a Game Tester for EpicDuel.

To accommodate for my main character now being a member of staff, I've decided to create several social media accounts dedicated to that particular character. These accounts will be used for communication of all things related to any of Artix Entertainment's games with both friends and fans. As a result, I will no longer be using the Overlord Drekon character in videos, blog posts, Facebook, or Twitter posts, on my King Drekon accounts for these medias. Instead, I'll be using one of my alternate accounts, if any.

So if you play AE games and would like to communicate with me in regards to them, use one of the methods below.
  • Follow me on Twitter @OverlordDrekon
  • Follow me on Facebook / Only a select few will be added as Friends on Facebook
  • I'm also available on Skype as Overlord Drekon, but not everyone will be added
Thank you all for your support! I'll continue making videos and using my King Drekon accounts, but I will limit my discussions about AE games, if not replace them altogether. Not to worry, I have my eyes set on some other games that I'll be making videos of soon. Stay tuned!

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