Thursday, May 1, 2014

DeGamer Pro UPDATE v1.1 - Bing Bot, and More!

In just over 2 weeks since it's release, DeGamer Pro was downloaded 200 times by users across the globe. Because of this wide spread usage, I was able to identify several issues that needed to be improved thanks to many users. As a result, I've been hard at work to make said improvements and even add more useful features to help users earn more as they use the software.

Be sure to read the FAQs before downloading the software.
Download Software (No offers/survey)
Download Software + Code (complete free offer/survey)
Download Code (complete free offer/survey)

*Code - Used in the software to redeem a UGC code worth 1,000 ArtixPoints.

If you enjoy using DeGamer Pro, be sure to show your support by selecting one of the options in the Contribute menu. Each contribution will help to keep all future updates to the software FREE.

The following are the changes (being) made in DeGamer Pro v1.1
  • International users with country specific domain extensions now earn the correct amount of points when viewing the blog.
  • Increased points earned for viewing webpages.
    • Blog = 50 points :: up from 35.
    • Games = 15 points :: up from 10.
    • Other = 5 points :: up from 2.
  • Increased points for unlucky players of Drekon's Star Struck Stellarium.
    • Reward = 100 points :: up from 50.
  • Increased points rewarded for donations
    • $10 = 10,000 points :: up from 1,000.
    • $25 = 25,000 points :: up from 2,500.
    • $50 = 50,000 points :: up from 5,000.
    • $100 = 100,000 points :: up from 20,000.
    • NOTE: Codes can be reused each time the software opens.
  • Bing Bot - Used to automate Bing searches, earning faster Credits.
    • Perform automatic searches based on categories of interest to you.
    • Upgrade your level to Silver or Gold for shorter search delays.
      • Silver :: $25 donation
      • Gold :: $50 or $100 donation
    • NOTE: Codes can be reused each time the software opens.
  • ToolTips! :) - Helpful popup messages display when mouse hovers.
    • This is a feature I didn't have time to add in the initial release, but it will be helpful in explaining how things work for those who have a difficult time understanding. *cough* Everybody who didn't watch the tutorial video or read the FAQs page. *cough*
  • Download images from more websites
    • Facebook
    • MangaStream
  • Clicking the Apps Icon no longer toggles the Address Bar.
  • ...will add more changes here if needed. Stay tuned!
Have a question? Feel free to leave it below in a comment. I'll respond as soon as possible.

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