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Best Epic Duel Primary Weapons - Varium Free

Since the introduction of Epic Duel's Omega phase, all weapons of the same type are equal in potential stats. For example, all clubs have the same max stats, so does all swords, all staff, all blades, etc. So there is no longer any "best" weapons in terms of stats. The only thing that sets individual items apart - aside from their artwork - is their skill cores.

Some items come equipped with unique skill cores that give the user a slight advantage in battle. It's these unique cores that makes some items great and others not so great. Unfortunately, these kind of items only come with the 10k varium package so they're not exactly "varium free." You can still learn how to get free varium from my many tutorials.

For the weapons that are free - only cost Credits - there's no difference in strength because all can be equipped with purchasable skill cores that everyone has access to at VendBots. So the correct title for this post is Best EpicDuel Primary Weapon Cores - Varium Free.
  • Frost Shards - Reduces target's energy by 5 each turn. (lasts 3 turns)
  • Meteor/Plasma Shower - Unblockable attacks dealing 110% or Strike damage.
  • Primary Mastery - Adds 4% Critical Strike chance on normal Strike.
As Omega progresses, more skill cores are expected to be released. I'll try to keep this post up to date when possible.


Some of the coolest aspects of Epic Duel are the weapon upgrades. There are tons of powerful weapons to choose from. Although some of the good ones require varium, there are still a lot of awesome varium free weapons. In just a moment, I will reveal these weapons for each class of the game. So, if you want to make your avatar more powerful, you should read this.

Mjolnir - Mercenary
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 23. It requires 30 technology and 33 support. But that's not what sets it apart from the rest. Although it's damage is only 20 (energy) and it has only 4 slots for weapon enhancement, it's stat modifiers are through the roof. This weapon boasts an impressive +5 dexterity, +10 technology, and +10 support. A must have for any mercenary between levels 23 and 30. I've even seen a few level 32's with the Mjolnir. You can buy it from Mirv for only 2,210 credits.

Caden's Wrath - Tech Mage
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 28. It requires 37 strength and 31 dexterity. Again this weapon is made unique by it's stat modifiers. It boasts a staggering +24 technology. Enough to raise your resistence 6 to 8 points. Plus, it has an energy damage of 22 and 5 slots for weapon enhancement. This is the weapon of chose for Tech Mages above level 28. You can buy it from Caden for only 8,000 credits.

Omega Blades 2 - Bounty Hunter
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 22. It requires 28 strength and 34 technology. Like the weapons above, this one is on the list because of it's stat modifiers. It provides it's wielder with +8 dexterity and +8 technology. Out of all the varium free weapons for Bounty Hunters, this has the best combination of mods. There is another weapon with +13 dexterity, but no technology so it didn't make the "cut". ^_^ Omega Blades 2 also does 22 energy damage and has 4 slots for enhancement. You can buy it from Talia for only 2,300 credits. It is recommended for bounty hunters between levels 22 and 28. After that, you may want to upgrade to something more powerful.

Your 6th clue can be found in the 4th word of this blog post title. It is also the first letter of my PrizeRebel level.

These weapons are all great for the sole purpose of making your avatar more powerful with stat mods. If you're looking for sheer power, enough to knock your opponent off their feet, then you will need to get weapons with varium. If you don't have any varium, or can't afford to buy it, don't worry. Read this post on how to get free varium.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you have any questions or know of a weapon that deserves to be on this list, please respond in a comment below.


  1. Galih, I'll be updating this post soon.

  2. haha nah it's allright I will look it trough, maybe after the bazaar open, I believe there will plenty of weapon to discuss

    I find a powerfull build for merc non varium holder
    wield mjolnir+security blaster2+cellzooka

    it helps me to get 32K on lvl 28
    but I don't know the correct build for bounty

    so far am quite good enuf with
    omega blade2+heartbreaker revolver+silenced launcher
    and still level 26

  3. King Drekon i need to get the energyeggzooka where can i get it

  4. Surgical Strikers are literally an upgrade of omega blades 2

  5. Kayton, you mean Surgical Slicers...and yes you're correct. They are "literally" an upgrade of Omega Blades 2.


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