Saturday, October 30, 2010

Overlord Drekon Wins 1vs1 Achievement - 747 Wins

OH YEAH!!! After days of trying, I finally did it. The leaderboard's daily 1vs1 was taken over by my mercenary account, Overlord Drekon, with a massive 747 wins!

Although I spent about 21 hours battling like my life depended on it, it was all worth it in the end when I saw that green bar with my name on it. In addition to the 2,000 Rating Points gained from acquiring the achievement shown below, I also experienced an adrenaline rush like no other.

Now that I've achieved the 1vs1 award, it's time to focus on the 2vs2 achievement.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ED Holloween Special - New Auxiliary Weapons

Halloween is almost here and Epic Duel just released some awesome new weapons with the Gamma Version 1.1.1a. Along with a ton of other cool features, you can now get 2 powerful new auxiliary weapons. The Ghoul Cannon (physical) and Spectral Blaster (energy). Click the image on the left to see more details of this latest release.

Just how powerful are these new weapons?

Try not to faint when I tell you that both these weapons have a bone breaking +36 damage. Not only that, but their stat modifiers rival that of weapons built for level 32's. You can equip either of the two after reaching level 28. Watch the video below to see the weapon specs.

Play Epic Duel Now!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Best Epic Duel Primary Weapons - Varium Free

Since the introduction of Epic Duel's Omega phase, all weapons of the same type are equal in potential stats. For example, all clubs have the same max stats, so does all swords, all staff, all blades, etc. So there is no longer any "best" weapons in terms of stats. The only thing that sets individual items apart - aside from their artwork - is their skill cores.

Some items come equipped with unique skill cores that give the user a slight advantage in battle. It's these unique cores that makes some items great and others not so great. Unfortunately, these kind of items only come with the 10k varium package so they're not exactly "varium free." You can still learn how to get free varium from my many tutorials.

For the weapons that are free - only cost Credits - there's no difference in strength because all can be equipped with purchasable skill cores that everyone has access to at VendBots. So the correct title for this post is Best EpicDuel Primary Weapon Cores - Varium Free.
  • Frost Shards - Reduces target's energy by 5 each turn. (lasts 3 turns)
  • Meteor/Plasma Shower - Unblockable attacks dealing 110% or Strike damage.
  • Primary Mastery - Adds 4% Critical Strike chance on normal Strike.
As Omega progresses, more skill cores are expected to be released. I'll try to keep this post up to date when possible.


Some of the coolest aspects of Epic Duel are the weapon upgrades. There are tons of powerful weapons to choose from. Although some of the good ones require varium, there are still a lot of awesome varium free weapons. In just a moment, I will reveal these weapons for each class of the game. So, if you want to make your avatar more powerful, you should read this.

Mjolnir - Mercenary
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 23. It requires 30 technology and 33 support. But that's not what sets it apart from the rest. Although it's damage is only 20 (energy) and it has only 4 slots for weapon enhancement, it's stat modifiers are through the roof. This weapon boasts an impressive +5 dexterity, +10 technology, and +10 support. A must have for any mercenary between levels 23 and 30. I've even seen a few level 32's with the Mjolnir. You can buy it from Mirv for only 2,210 credits.

Caden's Wrath - Tech Mage
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 28. It requires 37 strength and 31 dexterity. Again this weapon is made unique by it's stat modifiers. It boasts a staggering +24 technology. Enough to raise your resistence 6 to 8 points. Plus, it has an energy damage of 22 and 5 slots for weapon enhancement. This is the weapon of chose for Tech Mages above level 28. You can buy it from Caden for only 8,000 credits.

Omega Blades 2 - Bounty Hunter
This weapon can be obtained after reaching level 22. It requires 28 strength and 34 technology. Like the weapons above, this one is on the list because of it's stat modifiers. It provides it's wielder with +8 dexterity and +8 technology. Out of all the varium free weapons for Bounty Hunters, this has the best combination of mods. There is another weapon with +13 dexterity, but no technology so it didn't make the "cut". ^_^ Omega Blades 2 also does 22 energy damage and has 4 slots for enhancement. You can buy it from Talia for only 2,300 credits. It is recommended for bounty hunters between levels 22 and 28. After that, you may want to upgrade to something more powerful.

Your 6th clue can be found in the 4th word of this blog post title. It is also the first letter of my PrizeRebel level.

These weapons are all great for the sole purpose of making your avatar more powerful with stat mods. If you're looking for sheer power, enough to knock your opponent off their feet, then you will need to get weapons with varium. If you don't have any varium, or can't afford to buy it, don't worry. Read this post on how to get free varium.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you have any questions or know of a weapon that deserves to be on this list, please respond in a comment below.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Epic Duel Tips: Free Varium Tutorial

NOTE: Read the Q&A about getting free varium with battleon before reading this post.
Unless you're a pro player like me, you will probably want to bash your head against the wall after being demolished repeatedly by level 40s. No? Ok, that's good to know. Still, Epic Duel can be extremely difficult to conquer when you're battling more experienced players who also use varium. To make your experience a bit easier, I will show you how to get free varium for Epic Duel.

The traditional way of getting varium is to purchase one of the packages on the BattleOn website. This is by far the easiest way, but let's face it...not everyone has extra money laying around like that. So, without further delay, here are four ways to get free varium.

#1 Get $5 Rixty Codes from Bing Rewards for FREE! (read below) NEW!!!
Bing Rewards offer some amazing prizes for its users. From fast food gift cards to raffles for a chance to win the latest XBox entertainment system. You can also redeem $5 Rixty Game Card codes which is what we'll be using for free varium.
How does it work?
  1. Sign up for a free Bing Rewards account.
  2. Follow the built-in tutorial/guide to get started.
  3. Perform daily searches(up to 30 or 60) with Bing. Earn 15 or 30 Credits.
  4. Perform daily searches (up to 20) on your mobile phone. Earn 10 Credits.
  5. To automate and speed up the process, download DeGamer Pro v1.1.
    1. Use the Bing Bot feature to automate Bing searches with one click.
    2. You can also upgrade to increase your search speeds.
  6. Invite your friends and earn more as they earn more.
  7. Improve your member status to receive more benefits.
  8. When you've earned enough Credits, redeem your free $5 Rixty code.
PRO TIPS: I recommend that you reach Gold status like me before redeeming prizes to receive a 10% discount. Also, you can set Bing as your default search engine so that you will earn points as you search throughout the day. Lastly, don't search for adult material. Bing keeps a record of your searches.

Want to earn more prizes as you're using Bing Rewards? The next option will certainly help.

NOTE: Prize Rebel has changed their point system as of 10/8/2012! Everything has been scaled up by a factor of 100. Meaning that the $10 UGC that used to cost 9 points, now costs 900 points. Likewise, the amount of points you had and can earn have been scaled up by 100. Learn more about this update. UPDATED

#2 Get Multiple $10 Game Cards from Prize Rebel (read below) UPDATED
Prize Rebel supplies users with some awesome free prizes just for participating in free offers. You earn points for every offer your complete. Offers range from short online surveys to free trial products. There are even offers you can easily complete with your mobile phone. Here's how it works.
  1. Sign up for a free Prize Rebel account. (use a valid email)
  2. Confirm your account in the confirmation email sent to you.
  3. Browse through the available offers and complete them. Learn to find good offers.
  4. When you reach 900 points, or a multiple of nine hundred (1800, 2700, etc.), STOP! Navigate to the "prizes" page and find the prize that says $10 Ultimate Game Card.
  5. Click the "Claim This Item" button and follow the instructions given to claim the prize.
  6. After you've received your PIN, log in at BattleOn and click "Get Points."
  7. In the right column, click the option that says "Ultimate Game Card."
  8. Enter your PIN and click "Add Card." Repeat this step until the "Still to Pay" amount is equal to $0.00. Two PINs are required for this to work. (2 PIN = 1800 PR points)
  9. You will now see a "Confirm Payment" button. Click it and you will be credited 4,000 BattleOn Points.

Here's a video demonstration on how to redeem prize rebel game cards.
Tips to earn more points and money with Prize Rebel:
  1. Earn more points with referrals. When your referrals are credited for offers, you get a percentage of their earnings. This percentage, as well as other benefits, increases each time your Account Level progresses.
  2. Earn money (sent to your PayPal) by completing as many offers as possible each month to earn a top spot in the Offer Contests. First place will receive a $60 prize. You can use that extra money however you want, but it would be an easy 10,000 varium package. Here's a screenshot of the October 2011 contest. (Taken on 10/29)
#3 Get a $20 Check from Cash Crate - Use it to Buy Varium (read below)
Cash Crate is one of my favorite sites for making money because it's simple, fast, and legit! Like Prize Rebel, Cash Crate allows you to complete free offers and take surveys. Unlike Prize Rebel, Cash Crates pays you directly with money in the form of a check, but also allows you to earn points to redeem prizes. I won't get into the points too much as they are not necessary for this method. It's the money that's important.

To start, you earn $2.00 for becoming a member. $1 for signing up and $1 for confirming your email. You can quickly earn $18 more by completing free offers or free trial products. Once you reach $20, you will receive your check in the mail the next month. Of course, it's your money and you can use it however you want, but you can also use it to buy a Varium package. Register a Cash Crate account today.

Out of the two methods above, I highly recommend Prize Rebel for two reasons. (1)It's easier to level up to earn more from referrals. (2)You can instantly claim the Game Cards after earning the required points. No need to wait for a check in the mail. On the other hand, Cash Crate is a lot easier to use and you can earn money by simply logging in daily.

#4 Get BattleOn Points at - Complete Offers (read below)
Below, I've made a video that shows how to get battleon points by completing free offers at You must first log into your battleon master account. Follow along with the video and learn how to get free varium. Be sure to check the "videos" section of each offer program. Some let you watch commercials daily and earn points. No sign up is needed for these points, just play the video and earn BattleOn points when it's done.

If you need a little motivation, take a look at the image below. From 4/30/2011 to 5/4/2011, I was able to get 11,070 BattleOn Points using ONLY free offers. With patience, determination, and a keen eye for good offers, you can do the same or better.
Here is the full list of offers completed from October 2010 to July 2011.

Try all 4 methods to see which one is best for you, or check out these 3 alternative ways to get free varium. If you have any questions, please post them in a comment below.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Avatar Upgrade - Armor, Stats, Weapons, etc.

After battling a few level 30's today, it was made painfully clear that I needed an upgrade. My previous character stats were looking pathetic for a level 27...soon to be 28. So, I paid a visit to Steve 2.0 and got myself an armor.

Which armor you say?

None other than Space Pirate E M. This baby cost me 15,000 credits, but was well worth the hole in my wallet. That's because the armor gives me +4 Energy Resistence, +4 Strength, and +4 Technology.

Ultimately boosting the damage of my primary and secondary weapons, as well as my energy resistence. Plus, I retrained my skills and added a new weapon.

If you've come looking for the 4th clue, you shall find it hidden in blue.

Here's what my stats look like with the upgrades.
Now, I'm ready for whatever level 28 throws at me. Well...except for 32 Mercenaries. They're tough to beat in 1vs1.

Watch the new upgrades in action.

What are some of your upgrades? Leave a response in a comment below.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epic Duel Tips: 30 Wins In 35 Minutes (100% Legal)

Winning battles in Epic Duel can be easy and it can be hard. This all depends on many factors. From your current level, battle stats, and skill tree combination, to the battle type, opponent stats, strategy, and luck. Even the timing of starting a new battle could mean the difference between fighting a level 20 noob or a level 30 pro.

The average player, a non-varium user, will win only 2 of 3 battles with other players in his league. The statistics are even worse when facing a higher level player, about 1 in 5 wins. To save your time, energy, and boost your wins, I recommend using the method below.

This tip is very easy to do and best of all, it's 100% legal. So you don't have to worry about getting your account banned. It's a method that I recommend for beginners to skyrocket their wins, credits, experience, and battle tokens. When you're comfortable with your battle skills, you can combine this technique with traditional battles for more winnings and earnings.

Ok, enough talk. How do I perform this feat?

To perform this, you will need to fight the computer characters in the game. Knowing which to fight is very important. Below is a list of characters that you can challenge depending on your current level.

Level .. Opponents
1-5 .. Light City Guards(lvl 1,3), Junker(lvl 2), Light Desert Guard(lvl 2)
5-10 .. Oz(lvl 10), Marauder(lvl 8) Light City Guard
10-15 .. Heavy Guards(lvl 10,15), Oz, Anya(lvl 15)
15-20 .. Junker 2.0(lvl 20), Talia(lvl 20), Mine Guard(lvl 18), Heavy Guard, Anya
20-25 .. Talia, Junker 2.0, Mirv(lvl 25), Mine Guard, Bio Guard(lvl 22), Heavy Bio Guard(lvl 25), Heavy Mine Guard(lvl 25)
25-30 .. Shadow Guard(lvl 28), Marauder Hulk(lvl 27), Mirv, Bio Guard, Heavy Bio Guard, Heavy Mine Guard
30+ .. The other players

For best results, I suggest you only challenge the characters that are either the same level as you or lower. You have a better chance of winning. Now that you know who to fight, you need to know when to fight.

Epic Duel only allow you to challenge a computer character 5 times per hour, and only 15 total computer fights per hour. I've found that it's best to start around 40 minutes after the hour (i.e. 10:40am). This will give you 20 minutes to engage in 15 battles with at least 3 different characters. At 11:01am, you can battle those same characters again. That's another 15 battles. If you win them all, that would be 30 wins in about 35-40 minutes.

Watch this Epic Duel cheat video below.

HINT: Bio Guard(lvl 22) usually heals if his health fall below 20, sometimes 25. Your battle strategy could help you save time by defeating him without giving him a chance to heal. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.

What are some methods you use to win more battles? Share your response in a comment below.

Epic Duel: Get Cheap Health Boosters, Save Credits

Health Booster
Battling opponents in Epic Duel can be a lot of fun... until your health is low. So it's wise to keep some health boosters handy when playing. You can buy health boosters from VendBots around the different cities of the game. Each booster costs 34 credits and you must be at least level 9 to get it.

But... did you know that you could save 10 credits for every booster you buy?

That's right, you can buy health boosters for only 24 credits. Currently, only two characters in the game sells them this cheap... Mirv and Kraggor. You can find Mirv chilling out in Barren Outpost and Kraggor in one of the underground lairs of Minetower.

Watch my video tutorial below for a visual reference.

Did you find this Epic Duel tip useful? Share it with friends and comment below. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Friends

Hello, and welcome to King Drekon's Blog. My name is Andre (a.k.a. King Drekon), and I hope you enjoy the content I share. Here, I will discuss topics related to online games and other things that interest me.

This is an open blog, so feel free to join the conversation by posting a comment below the post(s) you find interesting. Share your thoughts and opinions no matter how silly you think they might be. I look forward to making this an enjoyable and interactive blog.

Here are some things to expect.
  • Important News Updates for my favorite online games
  • Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of these games
  • Video Tutorials from my YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe.
  • and much more...
So, take your time... Browse through the blog and you just might find something that interests you.

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