Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tanki Online Contest - 100k Crystals + IPad & More!

If you're a fan of Tanki Online then you know the developers go out of their way to make players happy. Aside from implementing many of the features that players ask for and having frequent in-game discounts and giveaways, the staff at Tanki Online also host contests in which players can win Crystals and other neat things.

In this contest called "15 Seconds of Fame", players must make a video of themselves up to 15 seconds long with a +1 second wiggle room to compensate for YouTube's inaccurate display of video length. In the video, players must give "original New Years greetings for 2014 to the Tanki community".

Learn more about about the rules and requirements and where to submit your entry.

The grand prize winner will receive 100,000 Crystals, 200 of each supply, an IPad Air, and a T-Shirt and Mug with the games logo. Other prizes will be given to the runner-ups and noteworthy entries.

Deadline for entries: 6 pm (UTC+0) on December 29. This is your chance to earn tons of Crystals. Play Tanki Online for FREE!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Games I Played Before EpicDuel

As many of you know by now, I started playing EpicDuel seriously back in October 2010 when I got my first varium package. Well, I actually made my first account some time in August of that year. It was while making a website on Ning (when it was FREE! -.-) and adding game apps that I came across EpicDuel. The graphics attracted me instantly and I started my adventure. Needless to say, I got hooked and here I am 3 years later.

So...what was I doing before that?

Well, aside from making websites, watching anime on Crunchyroll, and managing several other YouTube personas (Yes, before King Drekon!), I was actively involved in playing many online games that you may or may not remember. If memory serves me right, Ninja Saga was one of my top games at the time. However, there are more!

#1 Naruto Shippuden: The Official Web App was a Facebook game developed by the awesome people at Crunchyroll (the best anime site ever!) to promote their anime series Naruto Shippuden. Not only was this a great marketing strategy, it was also a great way for fans to relax on Facebook chatting with friends and waste time spend time playing a fun game. I confess to spending countless hours ranking up to Jounin. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available but you can still find traces of it on the internet. Learn more>>

#2 Avatar: The Last Air Bender Facebook Game was also developed by Crunchyroll to promote the launch of the related movie "The Last Air Bender" back in summer of 2010. This game was similar to the Naruto Shippuden app, but it also had some features that were unique at the time and I still think would be great for my *Ultimate Game! To put it briefly, players could purchase and upgrade properties and earn a passive income of in-game currency even while offline. I've seen a similar feature in the old Fable game and I think it's a winner. Some players need a way to earn game currency without no-lifing the game. Hint, hint, wink, wink. :) Learn more>>

These are just a couple of the many online games I've played over the years before I joined EpicDuel. Chances are, if these games were available, I'd still be playing them occasionally.

How about you? What are some games that you've played before EpicDuel?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ultimate OP Support Mercenary Build

When they were first released as promotional items, the Botanical Battlegear weapons had mixed reviews. Most players disliked them because with the varying restrictions on skills, the 30% bonus support that the Growth Serum equipped Botanical Battlegear offered wasn't very effective. Often giving only a 2 or 3 point boost in damage.

However, at this stage in Omega, this particular weapon and it's core is proving to be quite effective in achieving some really high Auxiliary and Support based skill damage. Check it!
The overpowered support based attacks aside, can you imagine if you gave that +87 strength boost to a partner using a strength build? Feel free to give it a try!

Got a question or feedback? Leave a comment below.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Super Tanks - Highest Defense/Resistance in ED

Throughout the history of EpicDuel, many players have striven to achieve the highest possible damages and defenses by means of attribute point allocation spamming. What does that mean? Simply put, players would dump all their attribute points on one particular attribute. (Strength, Dexterity, Technology, or Support)

Now, at this stage in the Omega phase, it's easier than ever to achieve high defense and resistance. Not so much high strength anymore, what with the point scaling and all. Well, that's a different story.

So with the recent changes in the game, I've been trying my hand at creating Super Tank builds. In case you don't know. An ordinary tank build is something that has high defense and resistance, but can still be overcome by a Critical Strike or a Rage attack. A Super Tank build, on the other hand, has both high defense and resistance but also renders the most powerful attacks useless - often doing less than 10 damage.

Without further ado, here are some of the Super Tank builds I've made.

Did you enjoy those? Want to see more? Make a suggestion in a comment below.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Treasure Hunt #2 - A Sharingan Helps Find Clues

Welcome to King Drekon's second Treasure Hunt! As the name suggests, you will be searching for a particular treasure. What is it? An Ultimate Game Card (UGC) code worth 1,000 Artix Points. As mentioned in the title, a sharingan will help you find the clues faster. If you don't know what a sharingan is then too bad. Now then, let the games begin!

Click the link below and watch the video.

All clues are hidden in the video at random places. Each clue is a letter and they all culminate to form a UGC code that you can use to redeem at Artix or any other gaming website.

As a bonus for reading about the Treasure Hunt here on the blog, here are some additional clues.

  1. None of the clues are in the chat bubbles.
  2. Most clues have different colors to blend into the background.
  3. Most clues last only 5 seconds, while some just a fraction of a second.
  4. Places that are uncommon or opposite of the mouse cursor are ideal.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Untag Yourself From Facebook Pictures

If you're one of those people who are constantly tagged by friends in pictures and want to untag yourself, you can do so in just a few easy clicks. Of course, the easiest way to prevent yourself from being tagged is to either delete or block those people on your friends list, but removing a tag of yourself is an easy way to resolve the issue without creating tensions among friends.

Remove a tag in Facebook's standard image viewer.
  1. Look below the picture and to the right of the comment section.
  2. Click the "Report/Remove Tag" link.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, check the "I want to untag myself" checkbox.
  4. Click the "Remove Tag" button that appears.
Remove a tag in Facebook's theater image viewer.
  1. Point the cursor at the bottom of the image and click "Options".
  2. Click the "Report/Remove Tag" menu item.
  3. Perform steps 3 and 4 shown above.
That's all there is to it. Now you should be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of not having your notifications explode every 2 seconds! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drekon Plays Online FPS Games - Win :) and Fail :(

Having played several online games consistently over the past few years, it's not surprising that my interest in them is now dwindling.

For example, the Facebook game NinjaSaga was once at the top of my "must play" list to pass the times. I've been playing it since 2009 and I still think highly of it. In fact, there are many of it's features that I would certainly implement in a game if I made one. *wink wink* :) I've even gone so far as to spend $20 on the game to upgrade one of my characters in early 2012. Unfortunately, however, I've lost interest in the game and no longer bother to log-in to collect the daily sign-in rewards and tokens.

Perhaps it's due to my exposure to more "social" games like EpicDuel. Speaking of which, that's another game that has seen less and less of me. Although I've been very inactive in EpicDuel recently I haven't completely lost interest in the game. I've heard from a few people who were concerned that I might have quit the game, but rest assured I haven't. The simple reason is that I've found other things to occupy my time.

As most of you know, if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, I've been quite active in an online MMO game called TankiOnline. I intend to continue making videos of it, but those types of videos will be rare until I get my hands on a much faster - more up to date - PC. This is also another game that has many features I think should be in the ultimate game of my dreams! *wink*

Aside from that, I've had my eyes on two new games that I spotted while browsing the "internets" - inside joke. :)

What are they?

The Win! :)
The first is Contract Wars. This is a browser FPS game and it's like a freaky mix of EpicDuel, Ninja SagaTankiOnline and BlackOps 2. You can customize your character's weapons like BlackOps 2, the skills like EpicDuel & Ninja Saga, and the user interface - more specifically the upgrade system - is similar to that of TankiOnline. The game allows you to buy upgrades with Ultimate Game Card codes (UGC), so if you decide to play Contract Wars you will want to participate in my occasional Treasure Hunts to win free UGC codes.

Frankly, I think the way the customization was built is brilliant! Empowering players to decide on exactly the type of builds/loadouts they want is far more desirable than to be forced to use pre-made weapons and skills. The only problem I'm having is mostly to do with my outdated computer and not the game itself. It lags often, but not as bad as Black Ops 2 did. It's definitely something I intend to play often when I get a new computer.

The Fail! :(
The second FPS game that captured my attention is Ghost Recon Online. From what I've seen in several YouTube videos and the game promotion videos, it's a pretty sweet looking game with many of the features I like. Unfortunately, after hours of waiting for the download and install, the game ate away at my computer's memory so much that I eventually got the "blue screen of death" twice after lagging at the login screen. The login screen!!! >.>

Long story short, I need to upgrade my system so I can enjoy these great games.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tanki Online - Free MMO Game

Tanki Online has quickly become one of my most favorite MMO games. With a versatile assortment of battle tanks and weapons, it keeps me engaged and entertained. Partly because of the unpredictability of the human opponents, but also because of the occasional rush to nab the crystal boxes and gold box drops.

Having seen the development of various games from their early stages, I'm very much impressed with the Tanki Online system. From the militaristic ranking system, to the ability to earn game currency either by playing or by sheer luck. The daily log-in bonuses also awards various equipment that could prove useful in combat. Another neat feature is the ability to create a custom game and play with friends or the rest of the community. There's so much more I could elaborate on, but I'll let you see for yourself when you register an account.

All in all, I'm glad I found this game. It's been a few months, but I've enjoyed it even though it sometimes lags severely (due to my outdated computer). Here a taste of what to expect, hopefully minus the lag. ^_^

Here are a few screenshots of some awesome moments I had. Visit my Facebook Page to see more Tanki Online screenshots.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How To Use Windows Software on Mac - Tutorial

Since the release of my first two software, ED Chance Calculator and ED Pro Tools, I've received tremendous feedback from the community. All of them were positive and/or constructive, which I'm very grateful for because I put a lot of time and energy into these projects. For each program, there were several suggestions by Mac users to create a version of the software for Mac OS.

As much as I'm willing to do so, I'm simply not able to. In order to create a version of the software for the Mac OS, I would have to create said version on a Mac. Since I don't yet have a Mac, I won't be able to grant this wish.

Don't let this discourage you. There's still a way for Mac users to run the Windows software I create. It's simple, easy, and free.

Simply download Darwine to your Mac and use it to run Windows programs. If you're the cautious type, like me, you can also watch this great tutorial video on how to use Darwine.

If that doesn't do the trick for you, there are also other software out there for you to choose from. One of which is Mono, a versatile tool that can either be used to run applications or create them.

Hopefully one of these will help you (Mac user) be able to use the software I create in Windows. It will prove useful when future software are released!

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Recover Your Artix Account

Despite all warnings and common sense, many players continue to either share, trade, and/or sell their accounts - only to get it stolen by dishonest people or worse...scammers! Even so, sometimes the problem is as innocent as forgetting your password or the email/pass you used to register your AE account. Well, before you go and rip your hair out in a raging panic, keep calm and continue reading about how to recover your Artix account.

Firstly, if you need to recover your account, go to your BattleOn Portal and click the Help & Support link in the top right hand corner. Obviously, you can follow the links I provide if you don't feel like doing 5 seconds worth of typing. Just click the "skip ad" button that appears. There, on the help page, you will see a number of links. Click the "How do I recover my Account?" link at the top of the list. There, you will need to follow the instructions pertaining to your case.

If you're a PAID PLAYER, meaning if you've ever purchased Artix Points or membership, you will need to focus on #1 that states:
  • Step One - "Find your Payment Confirmation Email. This email contains your transaction ID. You can search your email using the words "Artix Payment, "AQWorlds Payment," etc."
  • Step Two - "Write down or type your transaction ID and payment method for the next step."
  • Step Three - "Fill out the Automated Recovery Page. Please note, auto-recovery can only be used with certain payment methods. SMS payments are not proof of purchase for recovering accounts!"
#2 discusses how to recover accounts for FREE PLAYERS. (See instructions)
#3 details how to recover passwords for various AE games.

And please, for the sake of your ancestors, read #5! It gives some fundamental tips on how to protect your account as listed below.
  • Do not give out your password to anyone!
  • Do not give out your Artix Account name either!
  • No REAL Staff member will ever ask you for your password! This includes anyone pretending to be a Staff member on any social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or someone emailing from a non-Artix email.
  • Do not fall for scams such as:
    I'll give you a free upgrade.
    Who wants a verified Guardian/Dragonlord/StarCaptain on their account?
    Want to Trade Accounts?
    Who wants Free In-Game Currency?
  • Report any user who asks for your password or who uses scams the ones above. For AQWorlds, type /report playername and /ignore playername.
  • Use a password that is at least 8 characters long that is alpha-numeric and case sensitive and that is something difficult to guess. Don't use a password such as password, computer, 12345, qwerty, god, dog, mom, etc.
  • Do not leave yourself logged in on a public computer such as at a school or a library.
  • Do not save your user name and password on a public computer.
  • Do not enter your account name and password on any other website but an official Artix Entertainment site! You can report scamming/phishing/hacking sites via our Copyright Violations Email Form.
  • For more information on how to keep your account as secure as possible, here is our How do I keep my account secure? Help Page
If you found this helpful, share it with your friends. Especially with victims of scammers.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Invest Money In New Trends

Whether it's the latest income opportunity (a.k.a. "get rich quick scheme"), the new marketing software your professional contacts are raging about, or the new game that was released and is being praised by the same company that developed it, it's often a bad idea to invest your hard earned money in these new trends.


More often than not, new trends that are hailed as the next-best-thing almost always FAIL! At the very least, fail to live up to their expectations, but typically they go bust within a few years, if not months. During which time, that trend will be milked dry as all cash cows are (making somebody, who is not you, RICH!) before succumbing to it's inevitable fate.

I've been around the block a few times in my decade(s) of adulthood and I've seen many promising upstarts go out of business, leaving many people in a state of shock as they watch their investment(s) go down the drain.

For example, do you remember Yuwie? If you have to Google it, then you've made my point.

Yuwie was a popular social networking "experiment" that paid claimed to pay it's members for using it. The website was designed based on a pyramid scheme and functioned accordingly. Although it was free to sign-up, there were several features that members had to pay for, but most of the revenue earned "by" the website came from advertisements. Sometime during 2008, long before I became known as King Drekon, I joined Yuwie with the intention of expanding my network and income. Before then, I used Myspace to connect with people since I didn't join Facebook until 2009. Long story short, I soon realized that this latest trend would crash, burn, and die but until then it would be milked dry down to the bones. Even though I met some wonderful people on Yuwie and made many great friends, some I'm still in touch with to this day, trends like Yuwie should be avoided and I'm glad I didn't spend a penny on it. Today, the website is no more. All those members, all their friends, photos, comments, groups, earnings, everything is gone!

More recently, in 2011, I got involved with several other websites that seemed legit. One you may remember from the post entitled "Alternative Ways to Earn Free Varium for EpicDuel" as RylcoLikes. Yeah, not many people read that post after it was archived, even though it was linked and highlighted at the bottom of my most popular tutorial. Well, RylcoLikes was nothing to praise unconditionally, but it did have it's perks. Members would earn money ($0.01 - Really?) each time they Liked a Facebook page that was being advertised by people dumb enough advertisers inexperienced enough to pay money for it. I soon realized that the formula being used to make money for the website was not sustainable. Primarily because it relied on a constant stream of advertisers willing to pay for something they could get for free with other services like GrowSocials. It was inevitable that their advertisers would realize this and stop using the service. Before you know it, the website is down and out of business. As with Yuwie, all the earnings I acquired through RylcoLikes were lost!

As an internet marketer, I've utilized many online tools to increase my revenue. Not too long ago, I invested a lot of money with a service called AdBrite. If you're not aware, AdBrite was an ad exchange service similar to Google's Adsense. As an advertiser, I'd spend X amount of money to have my ads run on various websites. Conversely, as a publisher, I'd have AdBrite ads placed on my website - earning revenue. And as you might suspect, it was revenue that I never received! Why? Because AdBrite went out of business and all my earnings were lost! And I'm not the only one, many other people lost their earnings as well.

There are numerous other examples that I can give, but you get the gist of what I'm saying, right? If you don't, let me summarize it.
  • Use/Request all earnings for any service you participate in or you may lose it.
  • If you're not getting anything out of it, you're wasting time, energy, and money.
These can be applied to many aspects of life that can be assessed on a cost-value basis. Sometimes it's the latest fashion trends that would have you buying skinny jeans when you're 5'7, 195 lbs and look absolutely ridiculous wearing that thing. Other times it may be when you buy into the hype of the latest gaming trend and purchase games/items because of the cool graphics and are later disappointed because the gameplay is horrible, the lag is insane, and there are no refunds.

So take it from me, spend your money wisely. Don't fall for the scams nor the hype. Most importantly, don't waste your time with something while others get rich off of you.

It's possible that someday, you may wake up and my Blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, Faction website, and EpicDuel character, no longer exists. Even so, at least you received a lot of helpful information (tips, tutorials, etc.), hopefully made great friends, and had a blast!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Drekon's ED Pro Tools - Software Release!

Read the FAQs and watch the video tutorial BEFORE downloading the program.
Download Software (NO offers/survey)
Download Software + Code (complete short offer/survey)
Download Code (complete short offer/survey)

*Code - Used in the software to redeem a UGC code worth 1,000 ArtixPoints. Learn more>>

Please watch the following video tutorial if you haven't already and continue reading below.

Please note that when running the program for the first time, you may see a notice from your anti-virus software. This notice is perfectly normal and merely points out the fact that the program isn't recognized because it does not have a certificate/license or that the publisher is unknown.

You can simply click the "run anyway" (Windows 8) or "continue execution" (Avast) or any related command to proceed to use the software. As you can see in the screenshot below, the program does NOT contain any viruses.

MAC USERS!!! If you're a Mac user and you would like to use this software, please read my tutorial on How To Use Windows Software on Mac.

With that said, I hope you guys enjoy the program and don't forget to get that code before someone else does! If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FAQs :: Drekon's ED Pro Tools

If you plan to download Drekon's ED Pro Tools or already have, chances are you may have a few questions about it. In the following series of Q&A, I will answer the common questions users may have and address any possible concern. If you don't find an answer to your question below, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you, if not add it to the list.

  1. What exactly is "Drekon's ED Pro Tools"?
    • It is a software designed by King Drekon that features several helpful tools for EpicDuel gamers. These include a Chance Calculator, Screen Capture, and custom Web Browser with easy access to helpful tutorials on how to get free varium.
  2. Is it free or do I have to pay for it?
    • This software is 100% FREE! You do NOT have to pay to use any of its features. Please do not send any moneys to any persons trying to sell this software to you. If you find the program helpful and insist on making a contribution, there is a link within the software to do so. This is completely voluntary and you're under no obligation to make any contributions.
  3. How do I download it? Do I have to complete a survey?
    • You can download the software at either of the download links provided on this blog. Completing a survey is not required as a survey-free download link will also be provided. However, those who do complete the survey to download the program will have a chance to redeem an Ultimate Game Card code worth 1,000 Artix Points.
  4. Is it safe to install and use?
    • Yes, the program does NOT contain any viruses, malware, spyware, or any malicious scripts. It is safe to install/use. However, since the program does not have a publisher's license, you may see a warning when running it.
  5. Is this a hack or mod?
    • No! This software is not a mod nor a hack. It runs in a web browser the same way you would run the game in a major browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. All modules are merely layered in front of the browser and not embedded in the game itself.
  6. Does it give me an advantage in battle?
    • Yes and No. With the Chance Calculator, you get a slight advantage in the sense that you will now be aware of exactly how likely your luck factor is to take effect. With this knowledge, you'll be able to make more informed decisions on what moves to make, avoid, or take a chance with. There is no overwhelming advantage to be gained.
  7. Does the screen capture take a pictures of my entire desktop?
    • No. The screen capture feature only takes screenshots of the program. If you resize the software, you will see that everything else is cropped out of the picture automatically.
  8. Who can redeem an UGC code?
    • Only users who download the software by completing a survey will be able to redeem any available UGC code.
  9. How often will a new UGC code be available?
    • A new UGC code will be available each time a new version of the software is released. Codes may also be made available on special occasions. All codes will be rewarded to the first person to redeem them. If it's already been redeemed, you will have to wait until the next available code for a chance to get one. I will not "give" anyone a code, so don't ask for one.
Thank you for all your support. If you have a question you would like answered regarding this software, please leave a comment below.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Drekon's Big Announcement (Good & Ehh)

As some of you have already realized, I've been announced as one of EpicDuel's new Testers in the most recent Design Notes! *pops champagne bottle* Too soon? Okay. (-.-) Like you, my dear fans and friends, I'm excited for getting the opportunity to help the game progress in ways that I previously could not. Although I didn't land the Moderator position as initially intended, I look forward to doing the best I can as a Game Tester for EpicDuel.

To accommodate for my main character now being a member of staff, I've decided to create several social media accounts dedicated to that particular character. These accounts will be used for communication of all things related to any of Artix Entertainment's games with both friends and fans. As a result, I will no longer be using the Overlord Drekon character in videos, blog posts, Facebook, or Twitter posts, on my King Drekon accounts for these medias. Instead, I'll be using one of my alternate accounts, if any.

So if you play AE games and would like to communicate with me in regards to them, use one of the methods below.
  • Follow me on Twitter @OverlordDrekon
  • Follow me on Facebook / Only a select few will be added as Friends on Facebook
  • I'm also available on Skype as Overlord Drekon, but not everyone will be added
Thank you all for your support! I'll continue making videos and using my King Drekon accounts, but I will limit my discussions about AE games, if not replace them altogether. Not to worry, I have my eyes set on some other games that I'll be making videos of soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Treasure Hunt #1 - Let The Games Begin!

I hope you brought your shovels and Byakugan eyes. To complete this treasure hunt, you must be able to see that which is hidden and dig deep to find the treasure that dwells within. Your goal is to collect 20 clues and figure out what they mean before anyone else does. This event will last a maximum of 7 days. If there are no winner, the prize will expire.


If you're just now starting, I'll save you the trouble. The hunt has already been completed and the code redeemed. It only took 1 hour and 30 minutes. That was a little too easy. The next hunt will be much harder!

Hints on the whereabouts of each clue is given below.
  1. Watch and learn, the first clue shall reveal itself to you.
  2. Awareness is key, blink and you will miss the second clue.
  3. Patience shall reward you kindly with this third clue.
  4. Prepare your Byakugan eyes for the fourth clue.
  5. This one's a doozy, perhaps you remember. A mirror's reflection of the first letter.
  6. Visual prowess will enable you to find the sixth clue.
  7. The seventh clue is an easy one to find. It's practically given to you.
  8. To find the eighth clue, you must first overcome your fear of the dark.
  9. Don't blink! The ninth clue is quite elusive.
  10. It takes a sharp eye and even sharper brain to solve the riddle of the tenth clue.
  11. Only a blind man would not see the eleventh clue.
  12. If you don't like to read, the twelfth clue is not for you.
  13. You might find it snoring, but not like you. The thirteenth clue is hidden in hue.
  14. Are you a fan? Or are you a fool? The fourteenth clue is marked for you.
  15. If the fifteenth clue eludes you, perhaps your eyes are blind to changes in hue.
  16. Your reading and comprehension skills will be tested in the sixteenth clue.
  17. The seventeenth clue is not obvious to see, let your eyes wander or let it be.
  18. Something's not right here. What could it be? The eighteenth clue maybe?
  19. "Oh my Buddha!" what you might say when you find the nineteenth clue.
  20. Last, but not least. Is it a trick or a treat? The twentieth clue awaits you.
Now that you're done enjoying these puns, arrange each clue in the order they come. Put them together and what do you get? The key that unlocks the hidden Treasure Chest. Go to your Portal and enter the code to redeem the rewards which it holds.

I hope you enjoyed your first Treasure Hunt. Be sure to follow my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the next event.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

King Drekon's Epic Duel - The Movie (UPDATE!)

I know it's been ages since my last blog post so I figured I'd make one now to shed some light on the progress being made with the movie(short-film really, it won't be too long) as well as some of the other things occupying my time. As many of you have already seen, I haven't been too active on EpicDuel since the end of the Golden Yeti Tournament. Don't worry, this is a good the long run. Why? It means I have more time to focus on getting these projects done. ^_^

First up, King Drekon's Epic Duel - The Movie will be renamed to a much shorter, and cooler sounding title. DREKON! Why change the name? Well, my initial idea was to make the characters, storyline, and animation, based off of my actual EpicDuel characters. Throughout the planning phase, I decided to change the name because I don't want to encounter any "copyright" issues in the future. Especially after putting so much time and effort into something that will look nothing like EpicDuel and have nothing to do with the game's storyline.

So what will the storyline be based on?

Great question...that I asked myself, but pretended that you asked instead. Anyway, the storyline will be written from scratch by me. I'll be incorporating many of the ideas I've had over the years for a Manga/Anime, but never worked up the courage to get started. I don't know how far this project will go. Maybe it will become the next Naruto, maybe it will get very little attention. Either way, I want it to be a unique and completely original creation of mine, and not based off of someone else' work.

Now, I've considered making it in a Manga instead of an animation because drawing Manga takes a lot less time and energy. However, if I do, I still want to make a short animation for you guys since you've been waiting so long. For this, I will turn to you to help me decide. Should I continue with the full animation, or do a Manga version instead and a short animation later? Post your answer in a comment below.

NOTE: For the animation, full or short, I may recruit people to do some voluntary voice acting. More details will be released about this when the time comes.

Enough talk, it's time for pictures! ^_^ Here are some illustrations of character designs.
If you don't already know who these guys are, shame on you! The beast with the wings is the Overlord. The mean looking guy with the facial markings is the Warlord. Finally, the guy with the cool tattoo and the awesome staff is the King/Emperor. That reminds me, most characters(if not all) will be given an actual name instead of just a title. You may want to keep that in mind so you don't get confused later on. I'll reveal their names and additional character details before the Manga or Animation is completed.

So, with all this work to do, what else could I possibly be up to?

Currently, I've completed most of the coding for the screen capture software that I built primarily to take screenshots of events in-game(EpicDuel and AQW). All that's left is for me to find and zap any pesky bugs that might be present and decide whether or not to release it to the public. Learn more about the King Drekon's ScreenCap software. I also intend to make another EpicDuel Chance Calculator that is accurate with the recent changes and additions made to the game after the Omega release.

Last, but not least, I'm planning a very special event for you, my loyal viewer...there are a lot of you. What is it, you say? Well, I can't tell you yet. What I can tell you is that you will need a shovel and a pair of byakugan eyes. If you don't know what that means, you need to find out soon. At the completion of this event, the winner will be rewarded with an awesome prize...which is also a secret for now.

Good luck!

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