Monday, December 10, 2012

Epic Duel Omega :: Pre-Release Overview

With the highly anticipated Epic Duel Omega's release just around the corner, the air is filled with excitement for warriors across Delta V. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect after the release, which is currently scheduled for December 14th 20th January.

The beginning of Omega will mean the end of the Delta phase. This means the Delta Knight armor and Delta weapon set will be gone FOREVER!!! If you're an achievement junkie like me, you have every reason to be excited because the Delta Knight achievement will now be worth an untold amount of Rating Points. As well as a possible new achievement for the Omega phase. Although this one will be worth 0 Rating Points until the end of Omega.

Aside from that, there will be some major changes to the functionality of many aspects of the game. For example, you'll be able to challenge NPCs an unlimited number of times daily. However, you will only be rewarded Credits and possibly Dropped Items for victories. Experience points, Battle Tokens, and Influence will no longer be rewarded for victories against NPCs. As a result of this feature change, the Brainwash feature will be removed from the game. So if you spent a lot of varium on it, sorry but there are no refunds. Haha!

Enhancements are getting a major overhaul. Not much is said about it though, other than "the new system will allow for much greater customization than before, and will involve equipping passive effects and active abilities to your weapons."

Also, the staff announced that players who have enhanced items using the current system will be compensated. Further details have not been released as of this posting.

Here's a sneak peek at what the new enhancement system looks like. Also, I should note that every weapon will have the ability to be "upgraded" to the equivalent of a higher level weapon.

What would a new phase be without new items to go with it? In Alpha, we had the now Ultra-Rare Alpha Weapons. In Beta, we had the Beta weapons. In Gamma, we had the Gamma Bot and Bike. In Delta, we had the Delta weapons and Delta Knight armor. Now, when Omega is released, we will have the Omega Obliteror/Onslaughter sets. Both sets include a sword and mutating weapon. All of which comes with 2 new weapons skills (one active, one passive) so it's worth looking into when Omega arrives.
New players get a nice treat as well. Although theirs is mostly graphical, but it's a much better look for the character setup interface as illustrated below. The default armors and styles will get a different look as well.
There is much more that I left out of this post, including the highly speculated return of the Frysteland events, among other things. Head on over to the Omega Marathon Epic Duel Design Notes to learn more.

I hope you're excited about the release of Omega as I am. As a long time veteran player, I'm looking forward to seeing the changes made to the game.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Drekon Family

Everywhere I go, people keep asking how many accounts I have. Mostly because they want to borrow one. Haha! Not gonna happen. So I decided to release the list of all characters related to the Drekon bloodline and give a little bit of details in regard to these handsome and beautiful people. ^_^

Click the image to view in full size. Character details are provide below it.

  1. Overlord Drekon, father of the Emperor (King Drekon), is 305 years old and the current ruler of the entire Drekonian race. He is feared by both his enemies and his subjects. Few ever sees his kinder side.
  2. Drekonian Emperor (King Drekon), son of the Overlord and husband of the Queen, is 125 years old and is rumored to bear a grudge against his father. His goal is to surpass the Overlord and take the throne as absolute ruler of all Drekonians.
  3. Warlord Drekon, exiled second son of the Overlord and brother of the Emperor, is a 75 year old blood thirsty war general who's name alone makes enemies cower in fear. Rumor has it that he will mercilessly kill the wives and children of his enemies. Perhaps because he was forced to watch his own wife and child's brutal deaths by the hands of Legion forces.
  4. Queen Drekon, wife of the Emperor, is 118 years old and is the mother of Supreme Overlord. Although she is a deceptively vicious fighter, she is also a loving wife and mother. It is said that her beauty alone can overwhelm an entire army of battle hardened warriors.
  5. Lord Drekon is a pseudo-priest and scientist who's exact age is unknown. He is believed to be over 800 years old. Little else is known about him as he is rarely seen. Rumor has it that he is one of the original founders of the Drekonian race, the ones who genetically modified the very first of our species.
  6. Supreme Overlord, son of the Queen and Emperor, is a young and rowdy 25 year old. His goal is to become a great leader like his grandfather, but he has much to learn. Being the son of two of the most powerful figures in Drekonia, he enjoys the life of a troublemaker without fear of punishment.
If you have any questions about the Drekon family, feel free to share them in a comment below.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel - The Movie :: Preview

Here's a quick preview of my first Flash animation movie entitled King Drekon's Epic Duel. Just like the name of my Facebook page. The movie centers around the feud between Overlord Drekon and King Drekon (a.k.a. Drekonian Emperor). If you're not yet aware, King Drekon is the son of Overlord Drekon and he aims to surpass his father and become the greatest warrior among all Drekonians. His ultimate goal is to overthrow his father and take the throne, becoming the official ruler of the Drekonian race. Does he have what it takes? We'll have to wait and see.
The project is still in production and since I'm working on it alone, with other projects to do, it may take a while to complete. So hopefully my die-hard fans can wait patiently for it to be released sometime before the end of the year. I'll keep you updated via Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow me on both.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel Chance Calculator

It's finally here! Are you ready?

Download with Media Fire (fast / no surveys)
Download with ShareCash (complete 1 survey) *Use this option to support my hard work

Download your copy today and get accurate estimates of your dynamic % chances for Critical Strikes, Blocks, Deflections, and Stuns.

MAC USERS!!! If you're a Mac user and you would like to use this software, please read my tutorial on How To Use Windows Software on Mac.

If you have any questions, place them in a comment below and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel Chance Calculator - Demo

Have you ever wanted to know your exact % chances during battle? So did I. A few months ago, I started working on a simple software that could calculate my Epic Duel % Chances with extreme accuracy so I wouldn't have to guesstimate anymore. Using the helpful Battle Mechanics guide, and simple Visual Basic coding, I was able to develop a crude demo to get the job done.

This software, entitled King Drekon's EpicDuel Chance Calculator, determines the following % chances:
  • Critical
  • Block
  • Deflect
  • Stun
This demo version only supports Solo battles. I may complete the software to include Team battles if enough people are interested in getting the software. Watch the video on YouTube and don't forget to click "LIKE" to support it.

Here's a quick 4 minute demo of the software in action.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel Suggestions

With my growing list of suggestions for EpicDuel, I feel it's appropriate to organize them here on the blog. This will also help me access them more easily for editions. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Changes I "Would" Make To EpicDuel If I Could
Special Skills (View Forum Post)
  • Dodge - Avoid enemy projectiles (i.e. Fireball, Plasma Bolt), but not melee.
  • Loot - When defeated, steal a percentage of enemy Credit rewards.
  • Anti-EMP - When attacked by EMP/AtmSmh, enemy takes 50% of the damage.
  • Double Trouble - Create a clone with 0 Def/Res to absorb all damage 2 turns.
Consumable Items / Tactical Equipment (View Forum Post) NEW!
  • Anti-Core Grenade - Disables a random unused active core of target.
  • Anti-EMP Grenade - Disables target's EMP/Assim/Atom for 3 turns. Minor dmg.
  • Bio Orchid Booster -  Increases potency of all equipped bio gear by 10-30%.
  • FML Nuke - Call in a nuclear strike to deal 100 damage to all players in battle.
  • Hologram Shield - Cast a hologram clone ahead to absorb all CP attacks 3 turns
  • Medic Misery - Force the target to heal using Field Medic.
  • One Man Army - Disable user skills and % chances for 3 turns, gain double dmg.
  • Rage Motivator - Force target to Rage with a Strike if meter is more than 50%.
  • Rage Suppressor - Disable target's Rage meter for 2 turns.
  • Robot Destabilizer - Put enemy robot into cooldown.
  • Robot Malfunction - Cause target robot to malfunction and damage backfired.
Item/Weapon Suggestions (View Forum Post) (New Forum Post)
Functionality Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Battle Feature Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Feature/Interface Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Juggernaut Battle Mode Suggestions (View Forum Post)

AE General Questions and Discussions

I will continue to add new items to this list as I submit more suggestions.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Epic Duel 10,000 Varium Giveaway!

April Fools! :)
I swear the final (20th) clue is not an April fools prank. ^_^

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To Use Prize Rebel and Earn Points for Prizes

NOTE: Prize Rebel has changed their point system as of 10/8/2012! Everything has been scaled up by a factor of 100. Meaning that the $10 UGC that used to cost 9 points, now costs 900 points. Likewise, the amount of points you had and can earn have been scaled up by 100. Learn more about this update. UPDATED

As one of the most popular prize giveaway websites on the internet, Prize Rebel provides users with an impressive amount of methods to earn free prizes. Unfortunately, many new members are either too overwhelmed by it all or aren't properly mentored and so aren't sure what to do in order to earn prizes. Well, no worries, I'll explain how to use Prize Rebel as well as several ways to earn points that you can redeem for prizes. If you don't yet have a Prize Rebel account, register here.

Things you will need:
  • Several new email addresses (i.e., etc.) *Required
  • A fake identity (i.e. John Doe, born 1/1/1980, etc.) *Required
  • Multiple fake home addresses (i.e. Your neighbor's address) *Required
  • RoboForm (Automatic form filling software) *Optional
  • A good antivirus software (i.e. Avast, Kaspersky) *Optional but Recommended
NOTE: You could use your real information if you want, but keep in mind that the companies who receive your information via offers/surveys will make it available to third party companies. These third party companies will continuously spam your email account, call your house phone, and send you snail mail in an effort to sell their products. It is highly recommended that you use a fake identity and home address.

#1 Finding The Right Prize Rebel Offers That Will Credit
Before attempting to complete an offer, there are several things you need to do. First, you need to find out which offer is most likely to credit you and which offer is most likely to waste your time. Fortunately, Prize Rebel makes it easy for us to do just that. Click the "Get Points" menu button to navigate to the "offers" page. There, in the "sort by" fields, you will need to select "Credited" and "Greatest to Least" then click "Sort".
The "sort by" fields should look like this.

This will sort all the offers from the most credited to the least credited. This means that the further down you navigate in the list of offers, the less likely you are to be credited. So an offer on page 1 of this assortment is more likely to award you for completion than an offer on page 15. Now, just because an offer is on page 1 doesn't mean you are 100% assured of being credited. To further know if an offer is even worth clicking on you have to find out how frequently it awards other users. To do this, click the "stats" link next to the title of the offer you want to view.

In the "Stats" window that is displayed afterwards, hover your mouse cursor over each of the bars to view the associated statistics. Blue bars represent the amount of completion attempts made by users. Pink bars represent the amount of times the offer was credited for completion.

As you can see in the image above, this particular offer was credited 26 times out of 52 attempts at the time the screenshot was taken on March 15, 2012. That's a 50% success rate. The actual numbers could be higher if you consider that most users who aren't credited don't know how to complete offers properly. Still, with a 50% success rate, this is an offer you want to complete.

Before clicking on any offer, be sure to read the offer's description and understand it's terms. Otherwise, you may find yourself among the users who didn't get credited - and you will not be happy. The description explains what type of offer it is and what it requires you to do. For a list of the types of offers to complete, read this post or watch this video.
Additional scrutiny of the offer can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted. Always take notice of the "Last Credited" field. If this displays a time of only a few minutes or hours, then you're likely to be credited upon completion. However, if it displays a time of days or weeks, then forget about it because you will not be credited.

Offers like this have a "daily cap" (maximum credits). Upon reaching that limit, the offer will no longer be available for the day. Therefore, it's first come first served. Which brings us to another key point. If you want to get the most out of your Prize Rebel experience, I highly recommend signing on at the moment the day begins (12am EST). For users who can't be awake at that time, I assure you the best offers are available within the first 3 hours of the start of the day so it might be worth it to try staying up a little longer.

WARNING: If you encounter a malicious website that contains a virus after clicking on an offer, close that window immediately and click the "X" button in the top-right of that offer. If you want to help the Prize Rebel community stay safe, report that offer to Prize Rebel using the contact form. Be sure to take a screenshot of the virus warning in your antivirus software, post it somewhere on the internet (twitpics, etc.) and provide the URL as proof in your message to Prize Rebel. This may get that offer removed entirely.

#2 Completing Offers and Surveys The Correct Way
This is where you get to show your stuff. By that I mean your ability to properly complete offers. Failure here would mean wasted time and possibly a hole in the wall if you're the antsy type. I've made a detailed video on how to complete Prize Rebel offers that you can watch to see it done step by step. Here's a quick overview of what you need to do.
  • Create a RoboForm identity with your fake, but valid information.
  • Click on the offer you want to complete.
  • In the RoboForm Toolbar, click the identity button you just created.
  • Ensure that the information is filled out correctly.
  • Click Submit or Continue button on the page. (name varies)
  • When asked a Yes or No question about ads, click "No" each time.
  • If a "No Thanks", "Skip", "Pass" button or link exists, click it.
  • On the results/final page, stop and keep the window open.
  • If you were instructed to confirm your email address, do so.
  • After email confirmation window opens, stop and keep it open.
  • If you were asked to complete a survey after registering, do so.
  • Wait a few minutes (5-10, maybe more), then check your Credited offers.
  • After completing all the good offers, repeat these steps
#3 Getting Referrals and Earning Points Faster
Referrals are perhaps the most important aspect of your Prize Rebel experience. The reason is that you earn a percentage of the points your referrals earn either by completing offers or by their referrals (your 2nd tier). This helps you earn points much faster than completing offers alone.

As illustrated above, I've earned 58.85 points to date from 116 active referrals. Active referrals are referrals on either your first or second tier who has completed at least one offer. So despite the large number of first tier referrals I have, only a fraction of them helped me earn points. If you're wondering how to get referrals, I'll explain shortly. Before I do, I'll caution you of what not to do when seeking referrals.
  • DO NOT spam your friends' inbox with your referral link, it's annoying.
  • DO NOT post your link on Facebook feeds. You might be deleted.
  • DO NOT cloak your referral URL, people may think it's malicious. (i.e. virus, etc.)
  • DO NOT beg strangers you meet on the internet to become your referral.
The easiest, and most cost effective way of getting referrals is to provide a FREE tutorial of some sort that can help people solve their problems. This could be a video, a website, or a blog post similar to this one. As more people see your tutorial, it grows in popularity. As it grows in popularity, people who are not yet Prize Rebel members will become curious about it and want to learn from your tutorial before joining. Those are the people you want to focus on. Remember at the beginning of this tutorial, I said "If you don't yet have a Prize Rebel account, register here." Well, this is how I got all of my referrals from both my blog posts and YouTube videos. With this method, you don't annoy people or waste your time posting your link everywhere. You sit back and let the referrals come to you. Does this method work for everyone? No. It's entirely dependent on the popularity and helpfulness of your tutorials. In addition, this method takes time. It took me over a year to get the amount of referrals I have now. My first 27 referral points took 10 months to get, my second 27 points took 3 months. I say this not to discourage you, but to enlighten you of the reality of getting referrals.

There are faster ways of getting referrals, but they cost money so I don't think it will be beneficial to use them. One of these include using Google AdWords to advertise your referral link or tutorial with your link. Another include using a social gaming advertisement website to create your own offer that players from around the world can complete for points. With this one, you would require them to register a new Prize Rebel account and complete at least 1 offer (to become an active referral) in order to earn the points for their game. This is just like the offers at Artix. Of course, you would have to pay the advertisement website for each time someone completes the offer. It's up to you to decide if it's worth spending money on. I personally think it doesn't, but it could benefit you in the long run.

That just about wraps up what you need to know to use Prize Rebel and earn points for prizes. If I think of anything else to add later, I will append it to the bottom of the previous paragraph and tag it with UPDATED.

If it's the 16th clue you seek, Look carefully at this line to find that which is oblique.

If you have any questions about this post, please leave a comment below.

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