Thursday, May 3, 2012

King Drekon's Epic Duel Suggestions

With my growing list of suggestions for EpicDuel, I feel it's appropriate to organize them here on the blog. This will also help me access them more easily for editions. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Changes I "Would" Make To EpicDuel If I Could
Special Skills (View Forum Post)
  • Dodge - Avoid enemy projectiles (i.e. Fireball, Plasma Bolt), but not melee.
  • Loot - When defeated, steal a percentage of enemy Credit rewards.
  • Anti-EMP - When attacked by EMP/AtmSmh, enemy takes 50% of the damage.
  • Double Trouble - Create a clone with 0 Def/Res to absorb all damage 2 turns.
Consumable Items / Tactical Equipment (View Forum Post) NEW!
  • Anti-Core Grenade - Disables a random unused active core of target.
  • Anti-EMP Grenade - Disables target's EMP/Assim/Atom for 3 turns. Minor dmg.
  • Bio Orchid Booster -  Increases potency of all equipped bio gear by 10-30%.
  • FML Nuke - Call in a nuclear strike to deal 100 damage to all players in battle.
  • Hologram Shield - Cast a hologram clone ahead to absorb all CP attacks 3 turns
  • Medic Misery - Force the target to heal using Field Medic.
  • One Man Army - Disable user skills and % chances for 3 turns, gain double dmg.
  • Rage Motivator - Force target to Rage with a Strike if meter is more than 50%.
  • Rage Suppressor - Disable target's Rage meter for 2 turns.
  • Robot Destabilizer - Put enemy robot into cooldown.
  • Robot Malfunction - Cause target robot to malfunction and damage backfired.
Item/Weapon Suggestions (View Forum Post) (New Forum Post)
Functionality Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Battle Feature Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Feature/Interface Suggestions (View Forum Post)
Juggernaut Battle Mode Suggestions (View Forum Post)

AE General Questions and Discussions

I will continue to add new items to this list as I submit more suggestions.

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