Friday, December 17, 2010

Epid Duel Update: New NPC, Skills, and Weapons

If you've come seeking the 11th clue, open your eyes to see the change in hue.
Another awesome update for the Epic Duel game features a brand new NPC (George Lowe), 3 new skills, and powerful new weapons. Here's a breakdown of everything new.

NPC: George Lowe - Boss
This guy is a force to be reckoned with. At the moment, he doesn't have a specified level, he's classified as Boss. That alone should tell you how tough he is. With a massive 520 HP, you better bring your A+ game when you challenge him. Located in Fortune City, Lowe offers a powerful inventory of weapons. If you have 1,000 varium to spare, you can hire Lowe to attack the opposing alignment. Earning you a lot of war kills and influence boost to your alignment in the Daily Faction Battle.

3 New Skills
Players have debated as to the helpfulness of these 3 skills, but one thing is for sure, they can come in handy during battle. Mages get the Assimilation skill which allows them to steal a percentage of their opponents energy while doing damage. Mercenaries get the Blood Shield skill which allows them to sacrifice a portion of their health and turn it into an energy shield. This can be used on both the user and his partner in 2vs2. Bounties get the Shadow Arts skill which allows them to passively increase their block rate, stun, and deflection by a certain percent. This is perhaps the best of the three.

What do you think about the new updates? Leave a comment below.

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