Saturday, February 5, 2011

Epic Duel Update: New NPC Zedmyr Level 50?!

OMFG!!! That's what you're gonna say when you see the new NPC Zedmyr. In the recent update, Gamma Evolution 1.1.3e, Nightwraith revealed that Epic Duel will be introducing Quests in the near future. Giving players the ability to collect items from defeated opponents and the environment. In addition, BAZAAR, the place next to Mirv has been opened to the public. Currently, what lies on the other side is none other than Zedmyr, the level 50 NPC. Does this mean that new levels will be opened up beyond 32? I sure hope so.

Read more about this update at the Epic Duel forum.


  1. are they gonna release 'trade' system also ?
    or vault for account too?

    yeah I hope they will extend level, like 40 or 38
    but I think it will overpower

    Quest = collect item
    I wonder if we get charfade or big tuna's acc

  2. @Galih, I really hope we get a level extension, as well as Charade's rare items. We might be able to trade weapons, or at least buy some awesome new ones. I'm really looking forward to the quests and collecting items. They said that many items will be "hidden" in the "environment", so I'll be looking under every rock I come across.


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