Monday, May 23, 2011

Epic Duel No Longer Available On This Blog

"Oh nooo!" If this was your first thought, be cool and let me explain. -.-' For a long time, Epic Duel made it's game available to play on other websites through social discovery platforms like HeyZap. In fact, I discovered the game while making a website at, one of the publisher websites that uses HeyZap to make Epic Duel available to it's users. Since I started this blog back in October 2010, I've been a HeyZap publisher and have been using it's widget to make Epic Duel available to my readers. Unfortunately, Epic Duel discontinued it's distribution through this medium. Therefore, you will no longer be able to register or play the game on this blog. If you registered your Epic Duel account with the widget on this blog, then you will need to get your Artix Entertainment Login. To do this, you can request your login information directly, or use the "Email My Login Now!" button in the widget. Be sure to get your login details asap, I will be removing the widget soon. Also, all "Play Now" links will be redirected to Epic Duel's official website.

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