Friday, July 29, 2011

Alternative Ways To Get Free Varium For Epic Duel

Aside from the original 3 methods listed in the free varium tutorial, there are many additional methods you can use. In this tutorial, I'll show you 3 new ways to get free varium without doing a lot of tedious offers.

#1 Earn Money Uploading Files With ShareCash (read below)
This is an easy way to get varium, but it will take some time. When you upload a file at ShareCash, you will earn actual money when someone downloads that file. In order to download your file for free, the person needs to fill out a short survey. Upon completion of this survey, you will earn up to $2.40 for that one download. I use this dollar figure because that's the most I've personally earned for a single download. When you earn $10 in a month, you will be paid via PayPal between the 15th and the 25th of the next month. Here's my earnings.
Tip: If you use the HideMyIP software it's possible to download your own files multiple times to increase your earnings. I haven't tested this, but in theory it should work. Feel free to test this theory and let me know if it works for you.

#2 Earn Points With Lockerz And Get A $300 PayPal Credit (read below)
Lockerz is a unique social networking platform that allows you to earn points for uploading pictures, watching videos, and interacting with friends. You can then redeem those points for cool prizes like an Xbox 360 or a $300 PayPal credit. I recommend getting the PayPal credit and using that money to get varium. The only catch to this method is that you must wait until Lockerz have the prizes in stock before you can redeem your points for them. That means there's no telling when you will be able to get the money. Here's a look at my earnings (bottom-right) so far.
Note: The fastest way to earn points is to watch videos. I recommend going for the videos that credit the most (250 PTZ). You can watch each video at least 3 times and still earn points.

#3 Get Paid To Like Facebook Pages With RylcoLikes (read below)
RylcoLikes is perhaps the easiest of these methods to do. You simply register an account, link it to your Facebook page, and start liking pages. Despite being easy to do, it's more difficult to earn money because each "Like" only pays you $0.01. Fortunately, the payout minimum is now $5.00 and you can earn more with referrals. TIP: RylcoLikes works on a first-come-first-served basis. After a page gets the required likes, it's removed from the list. To make sure you don't miss out of easy money, I recommend logging in at least once daily to like newly added pages. Watch how easy it is.

Out of all three methods, number 1 is the best option. Although it may involve doing a survey to download, it pays well and there is no limitation to the amount you can earn. Remember, the money you earn is yours! You can do whatever you want with it. This includes buying varium. If you have a question about this tutorial, please post it in a comment below.

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