Friday, January 10, 2014

EpicDuel Meme #1 - Titan Loves Bacon

So I've had this idea for a while now to create some EpicDuel meme artwork instead of just using regular memes. However, I wasn't really motivated to make it. As with anything else, if I'm not in the mood it won't get done. Well, I finally entered my artistic mode and felt like drawing something. It took about 3 hours to sketch and color on the computer. This is the result.

Since Titan, founder of EpicDuel, likes to eat bacon cheeseburgers is addicted to bacon cheeseburgers I felt that this theme for the meme would be perfect.

I sincerely hope you all, Titan included, enjoy this little creation of mine.

"Bacon makes everything better. Hungry? Eat some bacon. Got shot by a Stun Gun, hey try this bacon! Wife put you on the couch because you forgot your anniversary? Too bad pal, you should have given her some BACON!"


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