Thursday, January 20, 2011

Overlord Drekon Defeats George Lowe

After many failed attempts, I finally beat George Lowe. Unfortunately, my mercenary account just couldn't do the job so I had to change classes to bounty hunter. With new frost weapons, high dexterity and max shadow arts, I was able to take down the space age goliath with ease. Watch the video below to see how it was done. At the end of the video, I reveal the exact build used to defeat George Lowe.

Did you "C" how many blocks I got?


  1. man i am a tech mage with no frost weapons :( i am high defensive type but weak in str need any tip to defeat that thing i have following weapons
    Quantum magi staff with +4 enhc.
    Imperial SMG no enhc.
    Card Board crusader +5 enhc.
    voltzooka +4enhc.

    i have no str no supp
    i have 60+28 dex and 70+38 tech 90 health 76 tech well i can get him below to 300 health then he kills me :( i only hate his gun and bunker buster rest of his attks dont do much dmg cuz of veryhigh tech :)

  2. heyyy i wanted to say that there is no need i defeated that thing without any frostweapons :D
    all i need was high defence and rage ofcourse almost 15-20 turns i only blocked him and raged my bazooka and there it is i defeated him!!!!!!!
    and my lvl is 32

  3. and idk whether it was my luck or not but i was pretty high on defences and i noticed 1 more thing that when he was about to die i only blocked him and its like was getting weak :D


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