Friday, January 21, 2011

Ultimate Bounty Hunter Build + Free Varium

Looking for the ultimate bounty hunter build? Then look no further. Below, I reveal the most powerful 1vs1 build for level 32 bounties. This build grants me the ability to get up to 20 wins for every 1 loss. In fact, it's such a good build, I only know of one weakness...a high strength build mercenary with luck on his side. Of course, this ultimate build requires the purchase of varium weapons and armor as well as enhancements. If you don't have varium, read this post to see how to get free varium. Here's a taste of what the build looks like. Watch the video below to see it in action.
The video resolution is small. You may need to watch it in full screen to see the text better.

Here's another, more effective, 1vs1 build that will help you get more wins with ease. This one is a +5 Focus build with high technology. Allowing you to adapt to ANY battle strategy your opponent might use.


  1. thank you thank you thank you ver much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now i got more winning with ur new build ty

  2. This build doesn't work any more because of the requirements have changed can you please tell me the best bounty hunter build now with beta weopons

  3. Bounty Hunters are now best with strength builds with decent amounts of Dexterity and an Energy Armor. I haven't been a Bounty Hunter in quite some time, but I no longer share builds on the blog. To see all of my builds since then, visit my Facebook page and search for the "Epic Duel Builds" album.
    King Drekon's Epic Duel - Facebook Page

  4. hey I got a good build any1 want it?


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