Monday, December 10, 2012

Epic Duel Omega :: Pre-Release Overview

With the highly anticipated Epic Duel Omega's release just around the corner, the air is filled with excitement for warriors across Delta V. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect after the release, which is currently scheduled for December 14th 20th January.

The beginning of Omega will mean the end of the Delta phase. This means the Delta Knight armor and Delta weapon set will be gone FOREVER!!! If you're an achievement junkie like me, you have every reason to be excited because the Delta Knight achievement will now be worth an untold amount of Rating Points. As well as a possible new achievement for the Omega phase. Although this one will be worth 0 Rating Points until the end of Omega.

Aside from that, there will be some major changes to the functionality of many aspects of the game. For example, you'll be able to challenge NPCs an unlimited number of times daily. However, you will only be rewarded Credits and possibly Dropped Items for victories. Experience points, Battle Tokens, and Influence will no longer be rewarded for victories against NPCs. As a result of this feature change, the Brainwash feature will be removed from the game. So if you spent a lot of varium on it, sorry but there are no refunds. Haha!

Enhancements are getting a major overhaul. Not much is said about it though, other than "the new system will allow for much greater customization than before, and will involve equipping passive effects and active abilities to your weapons."

Also, the staff announced that players who have enhanced items using the current system will be compensated. Further details have not been released as of this posting.

Here's a sneak peek at what the new enhancement system looks like. Also, I should note that every weapon will have the ability to be "upgraded" to the equivalent of a higher level weapon.

What would a new phase be without new items to go with it? In Alpha, we had the now Ultra-Rare Alpha Weapons. In Beta, we had the Beta weapons. In Gamma, we had the Gamma Bot and Bike. In Delta, we had the Delta weapons and Delta Knight armor. Now, when Omega is released, we will have the Omega Obliteror/Onslaughter sets. Both sets include a sword and mutating weapon. All of which comes with 2 new weapons skills (one active, one passive) so it's worth looking into when Omega arrives.
New players get a nice treat as well. Although theirs is mostly graphical, but it's a much better look for the character setup interface as illustrated below. The default armors and styles will get a different look as well.
There is much more that I left out of this post, including the highly speculated return of the Frysteland events, among other things. Head on over to the Omega Marathon Epic Duel Design Notes to learn more.

I hope you're excited about the release of Omega as I am. As a long time veteran player, I'm looking forward to seeing the changes made to the game.

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