Saturday, March 23, 2013

King Drekon's Epic Duel - The Movie (UPDATE!)

I know it's been ages since my last blog post so I figured I'd make one now to shed some light on the progress being made with the movie(short-film really, it won't be too long) as well as some of the other things occupying my time. As many of you have already seen, I haven't been too active on EpicDuel since the end of the Golden Yeti Tournament. Don't worry, this is a good the long run. Why? It means I have more time to focus on getting these projects done. ^_^

First up, King Drekon's Epic Duel - The Movie will be renamed to a much shorter, and cooler sounding title. DREKON! Why change the name? Well, my initial idea was to make the characters, storyline, and animation, based off of my actual EpicDuel characters. Throughout the planning phase, I decided to change the name because I don't want to encounter any "copyright" issues in the future. Especially after putting so much time and effort into something that will look nothing like EpicDuel and have nothing to do with the game's storyline.

So what will the storyline be based on?

Great question...that I asked myself, but pretended that you asked instead. Anyway, the storyline will be written from scratch by me. I'll be incorporating many of the ideas I've had over the years for a Manga/Anime, but never worked up the courage to get started. I don't know how far this project will go. Maybe it will become the next Naruto, maybe it will get very little attention. Either way, I want it to be a unique and completely original creation of mine, and not based off of someone else' work.

Now, I've considered making it in a Manga instead of an animation because drawing Manga takes a lot less time and energy. However, if I do, I still want to make a short animation for you guys since you've been waiting so long. For this, I will turn to you to help me decide. Should I continue with the full animation, or do a Manga version instead and a short animation later? Post your answer in a comment below.

NOTE: For the animation, full or short, I may recruit people to do some voluntary voice acting. More details will be released about this when the time comes.

Enough talk, it's time for pictures! ^_^ Here are some illustrations of character designs.
If you don't already know who these guys are, shame on you! The beast with the wings is the Overlord. The mean looking guy with the facial markings is the Warlord. Finally, the guy with the cool tattoo and the awesome staff is the King/Emperor. That reminds me, most characters(if not all) will be given an actual name instead of just a title. You may want to keep that in mind so you don't get confused later on. I'll reveal their names and additional character details before the Manga or Animation is completed.

So, with all this work to do, what else could I possibly be up to?

Currently, I've completed most of the coding for the screen capture software that I built primarily to take screenshots of events in-game(EpicDuel and AQW). All that's left is for me to find and zap any pesky bugs that might be present and decide whether or not to release it to the public. Learn more about the King Drekon's ScreenCap software. I also intend to make another EpicDuel Chance Calculator that is accurate with the recent changes and additions made to the game after the Omega release.

Last, but not least, I'm planning a very special event for you, my loyal viewer...there are a lot of you. What is it, you say? Well, I can't tell you yet. What I can tell you is that you will need a shovel and a pair of byakugan eyes. If you don't know what that means, you need to find out soon. At the completion of this event, the winner will be rewarded with an awesome prize...which is also a secret for now.

Good luck!

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