Sunday, March 24, 2013

Treasure Hunt #1 - Let The Games Begin!

I hope you brought your shovels and Byakugan eyes. To complete this treasure hunt, you must be able to see that which is hidden and dig deep to find the treasure that dwells within. Your goal is to collect 20 clues and figure out what they mean before anyone else does. This event will last a maximum of 7 days. If there are no winner, the prize will expire.


If you're just now starting, I'll save you the trouble. The hunt has already been completed and the code redeemed. It only took 1 hour and 30 minutes. That was a little too easy. The next hunt will be much harder!

Hints on the whereabouts of each clue is given below.
  1. Watch and learn, the first clue shall reveal itself to you.
  2. Awareness is key, blink and you will miss the second clue.
  3. Patience shall reward you kindly with this third clue.
  4. Prepare your Byakugan eyes for the fourth clue.
  5. This one's a doozy, perhaps you remember. A mirror's reflection of the first letter.
  6. Visual prowess will enable you to find the sixth clue.
  7. The seventh clue is an easy one to find. It's practically given to you.
  8. To find the eighth clue, you must first overcome your fear of the dark.
  9. Don't blink! The ninth clue is quite elusive.
  10. It takes a sharp eye and even sharper brain to solve the riddle of the tenth clue.
  11. Only a blind man would not see the eleventh clue.
  12. If you don't like to read, the twelfth clue is not for you.
  13. You might find it snoring, but not like you. The thirteenth clue is hidden in hue.
  14. Are you a fan? Or are you a fool? The fourteenth clue is marked for you.
  15. If the fifteenth clue eludes you, perhaps your eyes are blind to changes in hue.
  16. Your reading and comprehension skills will be tested in the sixteenth clue.
  17. The seventeenth clue is not obvious to see, let your eyes wander or let it be.
  18. Something's not right here. What could it be? The eighteenth clue maybe?
  19. "Oh my Buddha!" what you might say when you find the nineteenth clue.
  20. Last, but not least. Is it a trick or a treat? The twentieth clue awaits you.
Now that you're done enjoying these puns, arrange each clue in the order they come. Put them together and what do you get? The key that unlocks the hidden Treasure Chest. Go to your Portal and enter the code to redeem the rewards which it holds.

I hope you enjoyed your first Treasure Hunt. Be sure to follow my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the next event.

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