Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Recover Your Artix Account

Despite all warnings and common sense, many players continue to either share, trade, and/or sell their accounts - only to get it stolen by dishonest people or worse...scammers! Even so, sometimes the problem is as innocent as forgetting your password or the email/pass you used to register your AE account. Well, before you go and rip your hair out in a raging panic, keep calm and continue reading about how to recover your Artix account.

Firstly, if you need to recover your account, go to your BattleOn Portal and click the Help & Support link in the top right hand corner. Obviously, you can follow the links I provide if you don't feel like doing 5 seconds worth of typing. Just click the "skip ad" button that appears. There, on the help page, you will see a number of links. Click the "How do I recover my Account?" link at the top of the list. There, you will need to follow the instructions pertaining to your case.

If you're a PAID PLAYER, meaning if you've ever purchased Artix Points or membership, you will need to focus on #1 that states:
  • Step One - "Find your Payment Confirmation Email. This email contains your transaction ID. You can search your email using the words "Artix Payment, "AQWorlds Payment," etc."
  • Step Two - "Write down or type your transaction ID and payment method for the next step."
  • Step Three - "Fill out the Automated Recovery Page. Please note, auto-recovery can only be used with certain payment methods. SMS payments are not proof of purchase for recovering accounts!"
#2 discusses how to recover accounts for FREE PLAYERS. (See instructions)
#3 details how to recover passwords for various AE games.

And please, for the sake of your ancestors, read #5! It gives some fundamental tips on how to protect your account as listed below.
  • Do not give out your password to anyone!
  • Do not give out your Artix Account name either!
  • No REAL Staff member will ever ask you for your password! This includes anyone pretending to be a Staff member on any social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or someone emailing from a non-Artix email.
  • Do not fall for scams such as:
    I'll give you a free upgrade.
    Who wants a verified Guardian/Dragonlord/StarCaptain on their account?
    Want to Trade Accounts?
    Who wants Free In-Game Currency?
  • Report any user who asks for your password or who uses scams the ones above. For AQWorlds, type /report playername and /ignore playername.
  • Use a password that is at least 8 characters long that is alpha-numeric and case sensitive and that is something difficult to guess. Don't use a password such as password, computer, 12345, qwerty, god, dog, mom, etc.
  • Do not leave yourself logged in on a public computer such as at a school or a library.
  • Do not save your user name and password on a public computer.
  • Do not enter your account name and password on any other website but an official Artix Entertainment site! You can report scamming/phishing/hacking sites via our Copyright Violations Email Form.
  • For more information on how to keep your account as secure as possible, here is our How do I keep my account secure? Help Page
If you found this helpful, share it with your friends. Especially with victims of scammers.

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