Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Invest Money In New Trends

Whether it's the latest income opportunity (a.k.a. "get rich quick scheme"), the new marketing software your professional contacts are raging about, or the new game that was released and is being praised by the same company that developed it, it's often a bad idea to invest your hard earned money in these new trends.


More often than not, new trends that are hailed as the next-best-thing almost always FAIL! At the very least, fail to live up to their expectations, but typically they go bust within a few years, if not months. During which time, that trend will be milked dry as all cash cows are (making somebody, who is not you, RICH!) before succumbing to it's inevitable fate.

I've been around the block a few times in my decade(s) of adulthood and I've seen many promising upstarts go out of business, leaving many people in a state of shock as they watch their investment(s) go down the drain.

For example, do you remember Yuwie? If you have to Google it, then you've made my point.

Yuwie was a popular social networking "experiment" that paid claimed to pay it's members for using it. The website was designed based on a pyramid scheme and functioned accordingly. Although it was free to sign-up, there were several features that members had to pay for, but most of the revenue earned "by" the website came from advertisements. Sometime during 2008, long before I became known as King Drekon, I joined Yuwie with the intention of expanding my network and income. Before then, I used Myspace to connect with people since I didn't join Facebook until 2009. Long story short, I soon realized that this latest trend would crash, burn, and die but until then it would be milked dry down to the bones. Even though I met some wonderful people on Yuwie and made many great friends, some I'm still in touch with to this day, trends like Yuwie should be avoided and I'm glad I didn't spend a penny on it. Today, the website is no more. All those members, all their friends, photos, comments, groups, earnings, everything is gone!

More recently, in 2011, I got involved with several other websites that seemed legit. One you may remember from the post entitled "Alternative Ways to Earn Free Varium for EpicDuel" as RylcoLikes. Yeah, not many people read that post after it was archived, even though it was linked and highlighted at the bottom of my most popular tutorial. Well, RylcoLikes was nothing to praise unconditionally, but it did have it's perks. Members would earn money ($0.01 - Really?) each time they Liked a Facebook page that was being advertised by people dumb enough advertisers inexperienced enough to pay money for it. I soon realized that the formula being used to make money for the website was not sustainable. Primarily because it relied on a constant stream of advertisers willing to pay for something they could get for free with other services like GrowSocials. It was inevitable that their advertisers would realize this and stop using the service. Before you know it, the website is down and out of business. As with Yuwie, all the earnings I acquired through RylcoLikes were lost!

As an internet marketer, I've utilized many online tools to increase my revenue. Not too long ago, I invested a lot of money with a service called AdBrite. If you're not aware, AdBrite was an ad exchange service similar to Google's Adsense. As an advertiser, I'd spend X amount of money to have my ads run on various websites. Conversely, as a publisher, I'd have AdBrite ads placed on my website - earning revenue. And as you might suspect, it was revenue that I never received! Why? Because AdBrite went out of business and all my earnings were lost! And I'm not the only one, many other people lost their earnings as well.

There are numerous other examples that I can give, but you get the gist of what I'm saying, right? If you don't, let me summarize it.
  • Use/Request all earnings for any service you participate in or you may lose it.
  • If you're not getting anything out of it, you're wasting time, energy, and money.
These can be applied to many aspects of life that can be assessed on a cost-value basis. Sometimes it's the latest fashion trends that would have you buying skinny jeans when you're 5'7, 195 lbs and look absolutely ridiculous wearing that thing. Other times it may be when you buy into the hype of the latest gaming trend and purchase games/items because of the cool graphics and are later disappointed because the gameplay is horrible, the lag is insane, and there are no refunds.

So take it from me, spend your money wisely. Don't fall for the scams nor the hype. Most importantly, don't waste your time with something while others get rich off of you.

It's possible that someday, you may wake up and my Blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, Faction website, and EpicDuel character, no longer exists. Even so, at least you received a lot of helpful information (tips, tutorials, etc.), hopefully made great friends, and had a blast!

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