Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drekon Plays Online FPS Games - Win :) and Fail :(

Having played several online games consistently over the past few years, it's not surprising that my interest in them is now dwindling.

For example, the Facebook game NinjaSaga was once at the top of my "must play" list to pass the times. I've been playing it since 2009 and I still think highly of it. In fact, there are many of it's features that I would certainly implement in a game if I made one. *wink wink* :) I've even gone so far as to spend $20 on the game to upgrade one of my characters in early 2012. Unfortunately, however, I've lost interest in the game and no longer bother to log-in to collect the daily sign-in rewards and tokens.

Perhaps it's due to my exposure to more "social" games like EpicDuel. Speaking of which, that's another game that has seen less and less of me. Although I've been very inactive in EpicDuel recently I haven't completely lost interest in the game. I've heard from a few people who were concerned that I might have quit the game, but rest assured I haven't. The simple reason is that I've found other things to occupy my time.

As most of you know, if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, I've been quite active in an online MMO game called TankiOnline. I intend to continue making videos of it, but those types of videos will be rare until I get my hands on a much faster - more up to date - PC. This is also another game that has many features I think should be in the ultimate game of my dreams! *wink*

Aside from that, I've had my eyes on two new games that I spotted while browsing the "internets" - inside joke. :)

What are they?

The Win! :)
The first is Contract Wars. This is a browser FPS game and it's like a freaky mix of EpicDuel, Ninja SagaTankiOnline and BlackOps 2. You can customize your character's weapons like BlackOps 2, the skills like EpicDuel & Ninja Saga, and the user interface - more specifically the upgrade system - is similar to that of TankiOnline. The game allows you to buy upgrades with Ultimate Game Card codes (UGC), so if you decide to play Contract Wars you will want to participate in my occasional Treasure Hunts to win free UGC codes.

Frankly, I think the way the customization was built is brilliant! Empowering players to decide on exactly the type of builds/loadouts they want is far more desirable than to be forced to use pre-made weapons and skills. The only problem I'm having is mostly to do with my outdated computer and not the game itself. It lags often, but not as bad as Black Ops 2 did. It's definitely something I intend to play often when I get a new computer.

The Fail! :(
The second FPS game that captured my attention is Ghost Recon Online. From what I've seen in several YouTube videos and the game promotion videos, it's a pretty sweet looking game with many of the features I like. Unfortunately, after hours of waiting for the download and install, the game ate away at my computer's memory so much that I eventually got the "blue screen of death" twice after lagging at the login screen. The login screen!!! >.>

Long story short, I need to upgrade my system so I can enjoy these great games.


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