Monday, October 28, 2013

Treasure Hunt #2 - A Sharingan Helps Find Clues

Welcome to King Drekon's second Treasure Hunt! As the name suggests, you will be searching for a particular treasure. What is it? An Ultimate Game Card (UGC) code worth 1,000 Artix Points. As mentioned in the title, a sharingan will help you find the clues faster. If you don't know what a sharingan is then too bad. Now then, let the games begin!

Click the link below and watch the video.

All clues are hidden in the video at random places. Each clue is a letter and they all culminate to form a UGC code that you can use to redeem at Artix or any other gaming website.

As a bonus for reading about the Treasure Hunt here on the blog, here are some additional clues.

  1. None of the clues are in the chat bubbles.
  2. Most clues have different colors to blend into the background.
  3. Most clues last only 5 seconds, while some just a fraction of a second.
  4. Places that are uncommon or opposite of the mouse cursor are ideal.

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