Friday, October 8, 2010

Avatar Upgrade - Armor, Stats, Weapons, etc.

After battling a few level 30's today, it was made painfully clear that I needed an upgrade. My previous character stats were looking pathetic for a level 27...soon to be 28. So, I paid a visit to Steve 2.0 and got myself an armor.

Which armor you say?

None other than Space Pirate E M. This baby cost me 15,000 credits, but was well worth the hole in my wallet. That's because the armor gives me +4 Energy Resistence, +4 Strength, and +4 Technology.

Ultimately boosting the damage of my primary and secondary weapons, as well as my energy resistence. Plus, I retrained my skills and added a new weapon.

If you've come looking for the 4th clue, you shall find it hidden in blue.

Here's what my stats look like with the upgrades.
Now, I'm ready for whatever level 28 throws at me. Well...except for 32 Mercenaries. They're tough to beat in 1vs1.

Watch the new upgrades in action.

What are some of your upgrades? Leave a response in a comment below.

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