Sunday, October 17, 2010

ED Holloween Special - New Auxiliary Weapons

Halloween is almost here and Epic Duel just released some awesome new weapons with the Gamma Version 1.1.1a. Along with a ton of other cool features, you can now get 2 powerful new auxiliary weapons. The Ghoul Cannon (physical) and Spectral Blaster (energy). Click the image on the left to see more details of this latest release.

Just how powerful are these new weapons?

Try not to faint when I tell you that both these weapons have a bone breaking +36 damage. Not only that, but their stat modifiers rival that of weapons built for level 32's. You can equip either of the two after reaching level 28. Watch the video below to see the weapon specs.

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  1. Does the spectral blaster and ghoul cannon cost varium???

  2. Yes, they cost varium. But I got them for free with the 10k varium package.

  3. Well, that's too bad. Not for you, me. And it took you long enough.

  4. :D Yeah, I've been super busy lately.

  5. hey king drekon is the canon still available

  6. Hey King Drekon Do You Think They Will Give Away The 2 Aux's On Halloween This Year.If They Do Then i Wanna Save Up My Artix Points So That I Can Get Them.


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