Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epic Duel Tips: 30 Wins In 35 Minutes (100% Legal)

Winning battles in Epic Duel can be easy and it can be hard. This all depends on many factors. From your current level, battle stats, and skill tree combination, to the battle type, opponent stats, strategy, and luck. Even the timing of starting a new battle could mean the difference between fighting a level 20 noob or a level 30 pro.

The average player, a non-varium user, will win only 2 of 3 battles with other players in his league. The statistics are even worse when facing a higher level player, about 1 in 5 wins. To save your time, energy, and boost your wins, I recommend using the method below.

This tip is very easy to do and best of all, it's 100% legal. So you don't have to worry about getting your account banned. It's a method that I recommend for beginners to skyrocket their wins, credits, experience, and battle tokens. When you're comfortable with your battle skills, you can combine this technique with traditional battles for more winnings and earnings.

Ok, enough talk. How do I perform this feat?

To perform this, you will need to fight the computer characters in the game. Knowing which to fight is very important. Below is a list of characters that you can challenge depending on your current level.

Level .. Opponents
1-5 .. Light City Guards(lvl 1,3), Junker(lvl 2), Light Desert Guard(lvl 2)
5-10 .. Oz(lvl 10), Marauder(lvl 8) Light City Guard
10-15 .. Heavy Guards(lvl 10,15), Oz, Anya(lvl 15)
15-20 .. Junker 2.0(lvl 20), Talia(lvl 20), Mine Guard(lvl 18), Heavy Guard, Anya
20-25 .. Talia, Junker 2.0, Mirv(lvl 25), Mine Guard, Bio Guard(lvl 22), Heavy Bio Guard(lvl 25), Heavy Mine Guard(lvl 25)
25-30 .. Shadow Guard(lvl 28), Marauder Hulk(lvl 27), Mirv, Bio Guard, Heavy Bio Guard, Heavy Mine Guard
30+ .. The other players

For best results, I suggest you only challenge the characters that are either the same level as you or lower. You have a better chance of winning. Now that you know who to fight, you need to know when to fight.

Epic Duel only allow you to challenge a computer character 5 times per hour, and only 15 total computer fights per hour. I've found that it's best to start around 40 minutes after the hour (i.e. 10:40am). This will give you 20 minutes to engage in 15 battles with at least 3 different characters. At 11:01am, you can battle those same characters again. That's another 15 battles. If you win them all, that would be 30 wins in about 35-40 minutes.

Watch this Epic Duel cheat video below.

HINT: Bio Guard(lvl 22) usually heals if his health fall below 20, sometimes 25. Your battle strategy could help you save time by defeating him without giving him a chance to heal. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.

What are some methods you use to win more battles? Share your response in a comment below.

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