Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epic Duel: Get Cheap Health Boosters, Save Credits

Health Booster
Battling opponents in Epic Duel can be a lot of fun... until your health is low. So it's wise to keep some health boosters handy when playing. You can buy health boosters from VendBots around the different cities of the game. Each booster costs 34 credits and you must be at least level 9 to get it.

But... did you know that you could save 10 credits for every booster you buy?

That's right, you can buy health boosters for only 24 credits. Currently, only two characters in the game sells them this cheap... Mirv and Kraggor. You can find Mirv chilling out in Barren Outpost and Kraggor in one of the underground lairs of Minetower.

Watch my video tutorial below for a visual reference.

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